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I am Raj K. Vashishta, a retired IPS officer. I, somehow, in my childhood developed a strong desire to know, study and understand Veda. I only knew that Veda is a compendium of the eternal laws, rules, regulations and principles that govern the universe, nature and man (world, humanity and mankind). I did not get enough time to do that. My efforts to locate a true guru or institution that could guide me in this matter proved futile. After retirement I devoted all my time to fulfill my desire much against the wishes of my wife. I am happy that I could succeed in my mission.

My wife, Smt. Sudesh Vashishta who was much against my mission reluctantly tolerated my activities but wanted me to teach the things to others. This was obviously a stupendous task. I suggested to her that she should do this work. She showed her inability to do that because of her limitations. I promised her all help.

After almost 18 years of our efforts, my wife is now able to start this site namely ‘surajbalsupremewisdom.com’ for the mankind as a whole. This site is to help people who have a desire to know the universe, nature and man without much time, money and effort. Knowing a thing from a qualified person is much easier and correct than through self study (by reading a given script). Self study is most likely to misguide you.
All are welcome to join this site in order to know, recognize and understand the science and mathematics of secret laws, rules, regulations and principles governing universe, nature and man.

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