Welcome to ‘Surajbal Supreme Wisdom’

This site has been created and is being developed to make people of the world wise, wiser and wisest persons (Manushya) having good, better and best thinking (Socha) with a fair, neutral and judicious mind (Samajha).

There are four pillars of Surajbal Supreme Wisdom:

Surajbal Foundation

looks after resources

Surajbal Mission

Mission is responsible for publicity and promotion of wisdom. Its main work is to create liking, love and respect for wisdom among the general masses

Surajbal Varsity

Varsity is responsible to establish a formal system of education in supreme wisdom specially in educational institutions

Surajbal Academy

The Academy looks after the education in the Supreme Wisdom in different social entities or organizations.

The ‘surajbalsupremewisdom’ site has two wings

What is wisdom?

Wisdom is a power that enables man to make good, wise and pure (honest and judicious) decisions. Wisdom is different from intelligence. Intelligence has a tinge of cleverness, shrewdness, greed, sympathy, kindness, profit or gain etc. Wisdom can have four forms simple wisdom or common wisdom, super wisdom, superior wisdom and the supreme wisdom. A special wisdom is also conceived. This special wisdom is supposed to make right decision on all matters. This special wisdom is termed as the Supreme Wisdom,

Knowing the concept of the Supreme Wisdom

The Supreme Wisdom is a speculative but possible highest quantity, quality and qualification of human insight. This level consists of different statements either short or long requiring deep thinking so as to determine the importance and value of a thing, thought or action. Wisdom can have many levels. These levels may be named as common wisdom, super wisdom, superior wisdom and the supreme wisdom. The supreme wisdom has many forms and shapes. To acquire this wisdom one needs time, money and effort in real and true form. The understanding of the Supreme Wisdom makes a man good, wise and great (honest and judicious) in exact, real and true meanings of these words.

Human wisdom has limitations whereas the Supreme Wisdom has no limitation. The Supreme Wisdom is common and infinite in nature and is also called as supernatural wisdom. Human wisdom can be divided into many parts depending upon education, nature, direction and level of a particular mind.